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Posted by on Mar 3, 2021 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Lingerie, or more to the point ladies lingerie, is a big money spinner.

It is estimated that ladies in the UK spend quite a bit of their disposal income on lingerie. But, do they do it for themselves or their men folk? According to recent research a lot of ladies do spend money on lingerie for themselves. They like the way sex lingerie make them feel, and may even wear in underneath their work close, but do they wear on a night out? The fact is that a lot of ladies do not dress up for their men on a night out, says North London escorts from

Well, Vogue does always get it right, and Marks and Spencer seems to be a much more reliable source. According to the store which is favored by regular ladies, and North London escorts, a lot of ladies do dress up for their men on a night out. Instead they settle for a black bra and knickers, and maybe a pair of stockings. Most ladies like to say that they need to feel comfortable when out on the town with their husbands. Perhaps this is why Marks and Spencer best seller is still a black bra and knickers.

Customs officer tend to agree with this. Mick who searches ladies bags at London’s Heathrow airport says that you are less likely to find sexy lingerie when wives travel with their husbands. However, he says, you would be surprised at the amount of single ladies who turn up with nice, and even sexy lingerie, on a weekend away with the girls. I keep looking for wedding rings, says Mick, but sometimes I only see the mark. Perhaps if I were to ask, the ladies will have put their weddings rings in their wallet. They are looking for sometime off from all of the trouble and strife in a marriage.

London escorts say that a lot of ladies do like to dress for themselves. The fact, is says Maria from North London escorts, good lingerie is about a feel. It is a sensation we ladies like. Sexy lingerie can make us feel attractive and more desirable. Now that doesn’t mean that we are going to pop off and pick up the next on the street, says Maria. It is more about how we like to feel about ourselves. A nice set of lingerie can give you a confidence boost which can shine through no matter what you wear over your lingerie, laughs Maria.

I have always wondered, says Maria from North London escorts, if men feel the same way. Do they have a pair of lucky underwear that they wear for special occasions? Maybe they have sort of a pair of super underwear, or under pants, that make them feel like Super man, but they don’t tell anybody about. They put them on when they want to feel extra attractive or go out on the pull. If, that is true, it means it is just as important to wear sexy lingerie when you are a man.

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