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Love in an Online dating and Bringing Love Into the New Year with a Southall escort

Every year we are celebrating holidays and New Year as part of human culture. December is one of the most favorite months of the year since it has long holiday and time for vacation. It is when all people unite and forgiving each other. It is the season of love and joy that must be spread all over the world. And not only the season of joy, but it is also the time for forgiveness.


I never thought that I this year would be meaningful and unforgettable. Every year we spend Christmas and New Year altogether, we gather at my parent’s house and celebrate.  My name is Kian, twenty-eight years old and single. I live in Australia, but initially, I came from Southall. Southall is a beautiful place and full of beautiful memories. Before I came here, I reside in Southall with my family. I spent my studies and childhood in Southall. And I have many friends there and build a strong friendship. I am so lucky to have supportive and loving parents; they never left me through my ups and downs in life. They have been with me during the storms and shine of my life. My parents work hard, and determination puts me in where I am now. They had sent me to school because of our business and gave us a beautiful life. We are very grateful for difficulties we face and challenges we overcome. They are the source of my strength and my happiness. They never let me down and always uplift me. And to return the favor and love, I work hard to finish my studies.


After graduation, I received an email from an employer in Australia and hired me. And since it’s an opportunity and the wage is fair, I grabbed it. I move to Australia, and my life seems good. I rent a house here, and every year I go home. I met a beautiful woman in an Online dating site and mesmerized by her beauty. I also have known that she lives in Southall. At first, I never thought that I would fall in love with her since I had just signed up for fun. She sent me a request and message. I still remember it was four days ago before I respond to her. I checked her profile and discovered she works as a Southall escort. Well, I heard many stories of Southall escorts from, such as beautiful girls, kind hearts, and good service.  We became close and spent time every day chatting and calling. And eventually, we fall in love with each other. At new year I decided to bring her home and introduced to my family. It was full of love and joy to spend New Year with loved ones.




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